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University of Houston Clearlake offering scholarship to students from East and Central Africa

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The  University of Houston  Clearlake  would  like to make a home  for interested  students  from Africa especially  from East and Central Africa by offering them scholarships  and also enable  those students  who are on F1 Visa pay in state tuition.

In view  of  the above, the University  of  Houston  Clearlake's admission  and Financial Aid department  has a scheduled  a meeting with the interested students from East Africa on December 10th from 1 pm to 2pm  at the University  of  Houston  Clearlake to explore the above  mentioned  opportunity.

If you are interested  please  plan to attend.  For more details  please contact  Dr. Dan Mugubi @ 832-755-1027, Attorney Laban Opande @713-446-6339, and  Dr. Tenende @713-540-6355. Please forward this message to the rest of our community  members who might be interested.


Poa Pay

Laban Opande



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