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Dubai doctors refuse to discharge Kenyan baby over Sh8.3 million bill

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"Kiama Kamau was born on February 11 at Sharjah hospital." /COURTESY

A Dubai hospital has refused to discharge a Kenyan baby as the parents cannot afford a €75,000 (Sh8,319,059.92) medical bill.

Kiama Kamau was born on February 11 at Sharjah hospital.

His mum Ruth Mwaura told the XPRESS that her son was born at 25 weeks, a day before she was to fly home for delivery.

Mwaura and her husband work in Dubai.

“I had to be rushed to the emergency of the hospital and Kamau was born the next day,” she said.

The baby had to be stabilised before she could get him out of the hospital.

Mwaura said she cannot afford the money and that her husband earns as little as Sh45,473 (€410).

"I am currently out of work and my husband is a petrol pump filler," she said, noting she had planned to deliver in Kenya but it became impossible.

According to The Sun, the hospital has not released a statement on the matter.



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